Some customer stories

– Sarah

“My astranged father passed away. In his will he left me a safe. A really tough safe and no key. I was thinking he left me gold or jewels. What else would be people put in a safe this strong? It was a heavy safe so I had to hire professionals to move it. Already it was costing me money but I was thinking that the pay off inside would be worth it. I got incontact with some locksmiths. I fork out my money in order to crack this safe. It took a long time for the locksmtih to figure out the lock because of how tough it is but we got inside. After the locksmith open the door there was something inside more valuable than money.

It was all my baby teeth and my first pair of shoes. There was photo albums of us from when I was very young. I didn’t realize he kept this stuff. Of all the things that people keep in a safe. I really felt like I had a bonding with my locksmith. I had to share that moment with someone.”

– Jenny

“A little bit past one in the morning I was woken up by the sound of the door being opened. One of the nieghborhood kids was picking my lock. I don’t know what he was looking for because I totally recognized him and called him out. He freaked and ran like he was being shot at. I called the locksmith that night to take a look at the damage he made. I got the expensive locks and the installation all in the same night from the locksmith. The kid did me a favor because it showed me how unsafe I was. I needed to upgrade my system. I got a really good rate because I needed multiple doors fixed.”

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