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Our primary business operation is to provide professional locksmith services. On the other hand, we also provide world class security devices such as digital locks, padlocks, vehicle locks, window gates, window locks, gun locks, etc. Today, we will be briefly discussing the locks of future also known as “digital door locks”. Key Rescue 24 Hour Locksmith Orlando has recently gained the 2014 batch of digital locks. Let us know if you wish to purchase one. We have more than 15 brands of digital locks on sale. We will install the digital lock when you purchase it from us.

Gun Locks Are Available For Various Guns

There are thousands of gun models in the world. We don’t have a gun lock for all kinds of guns. However, we are providing gun locks for the guns which are mostly kept at home by people for security reasons. Gun locks are easy to attach and remove. Every gun lock model has a different build. Key Rescue 24 Hour Locksmith Orlando will bring suitable gun locks for your gun at your doorstep. When you contact us, don’t forget to mention the gun type you are having. Purchasing a gun lock does not cost much at all.

Homes Unlocked Service Checks All Aspects Of Security

When you hire our homes unlocked service, we send a team of 3 investigation experts at your doorstep. Our experts check and analyze different aspects of house security such as door locks, security device, doors, windows, window locks, etc. After the complete analysis, we take steps to make your house security authentic. Key Rescue 24 Hour Car Locksmith Orlando is proud to back up the security of your loved ones and property. It makes us feel good to serve you. We love what we do. This is why we have reached the top rank in locksmith industry.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Our Experts Install Master Key Systems Everyday

Installation of master key system can go wrong if the technician does not work with full attention. The process is delicate and complex. It requires adjusting the mechanism of locks in order to make it work with the master key. The lock mechanism can be damaged during service delivery. When you hire our install master key systems service, you can stay relieved as the task is in hands of highly experienced professionals. 24 Hour Locksmith Orlando provides the master key installation service at residential and commercial sites. Further inquiries can be made by dialing 407-605-2005. Get the answers to all your questions from our helpline.

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