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You may not realize the importance of lockout services unless you happen to face a lockout. Lockouts can happen many ways. Some lockouts may be more serious than others. If a room gets locked with a child inside and if you don’t have the key, it will require urgent handling. Some other lockouts could be cleared with some delay. Whatever may be the circumstances, you need some one who can clear the lockout quickly and ease the situation for you. Make it a point to depend on like Key Rescue Service Orlando FL who is experienced in handling lockouts. We will handle your requests promptly.

Repairing magnetic locks is not easy

Some people who use magnetic locks will be inclined to discard them and buy new ones if they encounter any problem. They know that repairing a magnetic lock is not easy. But they don’t know that there are experts like Key Rescue Service Orlando FL who can fix any problem with magnetic locks as easily they will fix the problems with other locks. Repairing magnetic locks may involve repairing a mechanical part, an electrical part or both. We have experts who can handle both. You don’t have to throw out magnetic locks if they have problems. Call us for getting your magnetic locks repaired by us.

Window gates repairing – Depend on us for the best service

Any problem with window gates needs to be fixed fast and in a perfect manner. Window gates have several parts and problems can develop in any of them. The problem in one part may affect the functioning of the other parts. Some problems like a bar or two getting broken, though appearing trivial, carry serious risks. Hence problems with window gates have to be fixed by an expert who understands security issues. Key Rescue Service Orlando FL will take care of your window gates problems and fix them well. You can feel secure by depending on us to fix your window gates problems.
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Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Work evenings and increase your income

An evening job may not be an exciting idea for many people. People don’t want to work again after their day job gets over. But here is an opportunity for you to work evenings for a few hours and earn substantially. You will be doing something different from your day job. You will be working with Key Rescue Service Orlando FL, the leading lock services company. You will be trained to do only certain types of repairs that will be easy to learn and do. Call us if you want to earn a handsome income for spending a few more hours of your time. Get a discount today!

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