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Installing the Best in Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks are one of the latest technologies out there, and as time goes on, they have become a lot less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. At Key Rescue Licensed locksmiths in Orlando, we have committed ourselves to bringing you the best in home security. We’ve gotten the appropriate training to learn how to set up and use digital door locks, and we will give you the best prices that we can find for those locks.

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We’ll Do Your New Locks Installation Fast

The locks that you have on your home or business are a huge part of security and keeping everyone and everything safe. If you feel that you are in need of new locks, then you’re going to want to make sure that you work with a company that is going to take care of that quickly and that will do it well. We at Best Locksmith in Orlando have professional locksmiths on staff that have been doing new locks installation for years, so they can get them done quickly and give you the security you want.

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We Provide The Peephole Installation Almost For Free

Without the peephole on exit doors, your residence security will remain beatable. To start with this, you need to buy a decent peephole which goes with the door style. At the same time, one must avail peephole installation service. Our representatives could help you in doing it. Key Rescue Service Orlando is providing more than twenty peephole designs. We will help you pick the right peephole. The technicians demand only 10 minutes of time span for completing the particular task.

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Re-keying – a tough job for the inexperienced

Making a duplicate for a key may be easy for many but making a new key for a lock won’t be. Re-keying is an option that you may choose only if you feel that your lock is no longer safe. The safety of your lock might have been compromised by one of the keys getting lost. You can’t risk someone in possession of the missing key misusing it. Re-keying is a job that requires tough skills and can be done only by people like Key Rescue Car Locksmith who possess the needed expertise..

Security and Vehicle Locks

Impeccable security systems developed according to your needs

When you choose to have security systems at your place, you need to make sure they are in tune with your needs. There is no point in having security items installed at your place that do not serve your purpose at all. In fact, installing wrong security items may end up in you compromising on your security and safety. Therefore, it is better to consult an expert provider like Key Rescue Service when you are in need of these systems.

Key Rescue 24 Hour Locksmith Orlando FL

Vehicle keys made with lots of attention to details

When you have vehicle keys made using lots of attention to details the result shows on the vehicle. Therefore, you need to pick a service provider that can guarantee you quality keys for your vehicle for its enhanced performance and security. Key Rescue 24 Hour Locksmith Orlando FL is one such provider that can assure you on this parameter.

24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service Is Being Provided For Emergencies

Lockout, security system malfunctioning, front door lock breakage and break-in case qualify for emergencies. For these situations, Key Rescue Locksmith Orlando FL is providing 24 hour service. No matter what is the time, we are willing to stand by you in trouble times. Our radio dispatched vans are on the go. It enables us to cater the clients in maximum half hour. When facing an emergency situation, we send our most capable experts to serve you.

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Broken key? Lock breakdown? Call us for a fast solution!

Sometimes keys and locks are the only things that keep us away from the world, and we do mean that in a positive way: locks and keys guarantee our privacy, and they also protect our valuables, businesses and homes from harm. But sometimes they simply piss us off! Keys mysteriously break down when all we want is to enter our home and relax. Digital door locks do not work when we are already late for that important department meeting. Car keys peter out when we are later than late.

Some customer stories

"My astranged father passed away. In his will he left me a safe. A really tough safe and no key. I was thinking he left me gold or jewels. What else would be people put in a safe this strong? It was a heavy safe so I had to hire professionals to move it. Already it was costing me money but I was thinking that the pay off inside would be worth it. I got incontact with some locksmiths. I fork out my money in order to crack this safe. It took a long time for the locksmtih to figure out the lock because of how tough it is but we got inside.

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